Why it’s Important to Have Annual Service on Your Air Conditioner

Most people take their air conditioning for granted in the summer months. A flick of a switch or push of a button sends cool air whisking throughout a home. But there is a lot more involved beyond just that simple action. Here is a look at why annual maintenance is a major part of ensuring your AC unit works whenever you want to use it.

Energy Efficiency

This is the major buzz word for air conditioners. Having an energy efficient AC unit means you will pay much less every month and that is something every homeowner can get behind. There are subtle adjustments and minor replacements a technician can complete to improve the efficiency of your unit. Annual service also involves a simple cleaning which can go a long way in terms of efficiency.

Improved Air Quality

When an AC unit is not cleaned out regularly, it can become filled with a variety of contaminants. Things like dirt, dander from pets, and dust can accumulate and make its way into the air that runs throughout your home. This can be considered a detriment to your family’s health while clean air ducts will provide excellent air quality for your entire family.

Reduced Repairs

One of the main tasks of annual service is to identify minor issues before they turn into major ones. Preventative maintenance will reduce the overall number of repairs needed on a unit. The type of repair needed during regular maintenance will likely cost less as well.

Increase Life of AC Unit

AC units are not built to last forever, although annual maintenance can keep them operating for as long as possible. Even if that is two or three years longer than normal, that is still two or three more years without having to upgrade to a new unit.

More Reliability

When a professional technician provides annual service, your system just becomes more reliable. That is due to the fact that every working part is checked for reliability. That makes the system function at its most optimum level and can give you peace of mind all summer long.

Enhances Comfort

An AC unit that is not properly maintained could produce higher levels of humidity. There is nothing comforting about coming inside on a hot summer day and quickly feeling all sticky or clammy. Your home should be a place of comfort in the summer months and annual maintenance can go a long way in sustaining that.

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