When Should You Consider Replacing Duct System

Ductwork is an important component in a residential HVAC system and it does not last forever. Over the years, regular wear and tear can take its toll. But you do not have to wait until your ductwork completely falters before opting for replacement. Here are some signs that let you know it’s time to replace your ducts.

Man Looking Into Air Duct

Poor Installation

Poorly installed ductwork could mean that you have the wrong-size ducts. If you have ductwork that is undersized, then it will disturb the airflow and make the unit work harder. The end result is less energy efficiency and an increase in utility bills.

Bad airflow

Simply putting your hand in front of a vent will let you know how strong the airflow is in your system. When it is just dribbling out, it could be a sign of bad ducts. The exact cause could be attributed to a variety of issues, such as holes in the ducts, clogs or age. Poor airflow will also increase your energy bills.


Ductwork generally has a 10-to-15-year lifespan, When your ductwork starts to get up there in age, replacement will soon be in your future. It is not always good to wait for the ductwork to break down completely. Performance wanes when ductwork starts to near the end of its expected longevity.

Presence of mold

When mold finds its way into the ductwork, it is a major issue. This is due to the fact that every time your unit starts conditioning the air, it spreads mold spores. That means your house will be filled with these pollutants that can bring on allergies, respiratory issues and other health problems.

Too much noise

Ideal ductwork does not emit any noise. It is intended to work silently. When there is noise coming from your ducts, it is a sign that there is a problem. That typically stems from leaks or clogs that are not always obvious. It is usually tough to pinpoint the exact area where there is damage, but there is a definite issue when noises are abound.


All kinds of critters could get inside your ductwork. If you discover rodents or other pests, then there’s a good chance they’ve done damage to your ducts. A pest control specialist may be able to rid these rodents, although they may have done enough damage to call for duct replacement.

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