When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

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We know that the last thing you want to do is to spend your hard earned money on brand new heating and air conditioning equipment, especially during a time like this. But unfortunately, your HVAC equipment is not invincible and there will come a day when it needs to be replaced. From the model of the AC unit to the contractor you choose to install it and purchase your unit from, there are a lot of different variable at play to consider. One of the biggest factors to consider when purchasing a new air conditioner is the timing of your purchase. It’s not always what kind of air conditioner you’re buying, it’s when you’re buying it. Below are a few of the top items to consider when deciding on when to replace your air conditioner.


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Your AC Unit Breaks Down Frequently

If you feel as if your air conditioner is constantly breaking down or that you are having to call your local Columbia SC HVAC contractor every month with a new air conditioning issue, it could be time to say goodbye. Frequent repairs are not only annoying, they can become costly. If your air conditioner required frequent repairs to continue working, it might be time to replace your AC unit.

AC Unit is More Than 10 Years Old

On average, a well maintained and properly cared for air conditioner should last around 10-15 years. This average is generally on the lower end here in Columbia, South Carolina due to the fact that your AC unit is on frequently and working hard to keep you cool in the southern heat most days. If you’re noticing some issues arise with your older AC unit and are considering repairing them, you should also look into replacing your unit as a whole. You could be saving yourself time and money in the long run.


You’re Facing Expensive AC Repairs

If your air conditioner is requiring an expensive repair in order for it to operate and function normally again, you’ve really got to think about the cost at stake. If your repair costs roughly half or more of the cost of a brand new AC unit, it might be best to replace. Make sure you are discussing all possible decisions with your trusted HVAC contractor before paying for a costly and expensive repair.

Significant Decrease in Home Comfort

Finally, if you are finding it hard to stay cool and comfortable during the Columbia, South Carolina heat and humidity, it could be because your air conditioning unit is slowly biting the dust. If your home is not reaching a comfort level that you want and need it to be at but your AC unit seems fine, you should consider a replacement.

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