What to Expect During HVAC Replacement

Having a new HVAC system installed for a home is something that should not be overwhelming to homeowners. There is a step-by-step process that is followed by formidable HVAC replacement companies. Here is a look at what to expect when you decide on a new HVAC unit.
old HVAC outside unit

Price quote

The first thing a homeowner should expect is to get a quote on how much the replacement will cost. And remember that the lowest price is not always going to provide the best service. Be prepared to know what you are going to pay upfront and make sure there are no hidden fees or unexplained costs.


A price quote should also come with an in-home inspection that includes a load calculation, assessment of ducts, windows, crawlspaces and attics when applicable. This all goes into the process of making the right recommendation for your home. An HVAC technician should ask you a fair amount of questions before making a recommendation as it’s important to get the right model for your home.

Removal of old unit

When removing the old unit, be sure to get an exact quote on how much this will cost and how long it will take. Some HVAC replacement does not need to use all new parts as ductwork could be used from the previous unit. Find out exactly what needs to be removed and you should also receive an explanation for each step in the process.


This is a major type of installation which will need furniture to be moved out of the work areas. A company should also take protective measures and cover the floor so that it does not get damaged during the installation process. There is also no exact time frame for installation. It will depend on the size of the home, unit location, possible ductwork installation and other similar factors.


Once the unit is installed, it should be tested to be sure it is functioning correctly. All the connections need to be double and triple checked. The technicians should show the homeowner all the ins and outs of your new system. This includes maintenance and operation as well as simple procedures like changing out the air filter.

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