Ways To Tell If Air Conditioning Is Efficient

You do not have to an HVAC professional to know there is an issue with your air conditioning. There are warning signs that every homeowner can look for in an effort to ensure their AC is running right. Here is a look at some of the easiest and most common ways to tell if your AC unit is as energy efficient as it can be.

Air Conditioner

Same Temperature In Every Room

One telling sign that there is an issue with your AC unit is a fluctuation in temperature from room to room. It is not normal for rooms to have warm or cold spots. This could be a result of poor maintenance or a buildup of dirt and dust in your ductwork. The best way to avoid this type of problem is to maintain your HVAC unit on an annual basis.

No Humidity Throughout House When AC Is On

It’s not difficult to recognize humidity as it provides a warm, uncomfortable feel. It is like a stickiness that should not exist when an AC unit is functioning properly. Efficient air conditioning units are able to control the humidity throughout a home. A unit’s evaporator coils should be cold enough to take all the moisture out of the air before releasing it into the home. When coils are failing or refrigerant is low, the unit has to work harder, thereby reducing its efficiency.

Utility Bills Stay The Same

This warning sign is probably one that every homeowner can identify with as it is definitely eye-catching. A less efficient air conditioning unit translates into an increase in energy bills because the unit has to work harder to cool a home. The summer months will cause an obvious uptick in utility bills but the bills should be relatively close on a monthly basis. When there is a noticeable difference, it’s time to get your unit checked out by a professional.

HVAC Unit Is Near A Decade Old

Age has a lot to do with how efficient an air conditioner performs. There are modern innovations that are infused with new parts, so the availability of higher-quality components has increased greatly from what they were a decade ago. Newer models are just more efficient and for older models to keep pace, they need to be properly maintained. If your unit is around or more than 10 years old, it may be time to upgrade at least some of the parts.