The Importance of an Indoor Quality Air Test

Maintaining proper indoor air quality is an integral part of keeping a healthy atmosphere inside a home. Most homes have some type of issue with the air quality and most people are completely unaware of that. Here is more on the importance of conducting an indoor air quality test and how the issues that are identified can be resolved.

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Diagnosing Problems

A professional indoor air quality test will diagnose the exact issues that are affecting your home. It should be noted that those issues are not identifiable without proper testing. There are air quality diagnostics that feature the most updated technology and this will help identify even the minutest issues with indoor air quality. The test will determine which unhealthy particles are in the air, many of which could be detrimental to those inside the home.

Providing Solutions

An indoor air quality test is done with the intent of resolving the issues that are discovered. The test is just the starting point as the next steps in the process will be remedying the situation. Here is a look at the most common solutions used to correct problems with indoor air quality.

• Filters – This is one of the most basic ways to improve indoor air quality as filters should be changed out regularly. There are different varieties of air filters and choosing the right one for your home can maintain good indoor air quality.

• Purifiers – Filters are not going to catch every particle as some are so small that they could squeeze through. An air purifier can get rid of these smaller particles and come in different makes and models, using various methods as seen in an ionizer or ultraviolet lights.

• Humidifiers – This option is typically used more during the winter months as it takes the dryness out of the air by adding moisture. This can lead to a much healthier environment.

• Dehumidifiers – An indoor air quality test can identify any issues with humidity. This could make for an uncomfortable environment and a humidifier could extract that moisture from the air, thus reducing the humidity.

Sometimes, it takes a combination of solutions to fix the quality of the air inside of a home. An indoor air quality test can also go a long way towards extending the life of your HVAC system. For an indoor air quality test in Columbia, SC, contact the experienced team of professionals at Air Necessities.