The Best Temperature Settings for Air and Heat

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There is often a question of what the exact temperature should be inside the home during the summer and winter months. While there are recommendations set forth by the department of energy, it is really a matter of personal preference. You pay for your heating and cooling so no one can really state where you should keep the temperature. However, there are some helpful hints to ensure energy efficiency.

Be Mindful of Temperature When House is Empty

In the summer months, there is no need to keep an ultra-low temperature when no one is in the house. In a similar manner, there is no need to keep the home nice and toasty during the winter months when the house is empty. Monthly utility bills can be greatly reduced when the temperature is lowered and it will also put less stress on the HVAC unit. It is a good idea to raise or lower the temperature by about eight degrees when the house is empty, depending upon the time of the year.

Program Your Thermostat

It is not easy to always remember to adjust your thermostat on a daily basis as you come and go. Adding a programmable thermostat is a way to ensure that the temperature will be adjusted accordingly when your home is empty. This can be programmed on a daily basis, which means you do not have to worry about making daily adjustments.

Smart Thermostat

Thermostats are now available on your smart device. This gives you the option of adjusting the temperature of your home from wherever you are. Should you be away from your home and there is a sudden change in temperature outside, you could adjust the inside temperature accordingly. There are a lot of things you can do with a smart thermostat as there is a wide array of features.

Other Helpful Methods

You do not have to rely solely on your air conditioner in the summer months as there are other ways to facilitate the cooling process. Ceiling fans can provide a way of increasing the cooling efficiency within the home. Also, making limited use of appliances will produce less heat meaning the AC unit does not have to work as hard. And redoing the weatherstripping surrounding your windows will also keep the home more energy efficient. In homes where humidity is an issue, a dehumidifier will take a lot of the strain off the HVAC unit.