The Best Air Filters and How Often To Change Them

All air filters are not the same for your AC unit as there are differences every homeowner should know. It is also important to change the air filter regularly as it will improve air flow and quality throughout the home. Here is a look at some helpful hints on air filters and how often they should be changed out.

Air filter varieties

It is important to know the different types of air filters used in HVAC units. The most commonly used filter is the fiberglass variety. It has an appearance very similar to finely woven fabric. There is also a pleated filter available for use and these are woven a little tighter than fiberglass.
Electrostatic filters are considered the best option and elicit a static charge when in use. The charge actually works to trap various types of contaminants.

Changing air filters

It is critical to change out the filters in a timely manner. A fiberglass filter should be changed every one or two months depending on the frequency of use. Pleated filters last a little longer and can go for about six months before changing. There are factors that influence when a filter should be changed and they include usage, location and manufacturer’s instructions.

Benefits of changing filters

There is a long list of benefits that come with regular changing of air filters. It is something that all homeowners can do on their own and helps out in a number of ways. Here is a look at the benefits of changing out an air filter in your HVAC unit on a regular basis.

• Extends life of AC unit – Using a dirty air filter could introduce various types of damage to the unit. This is a form of preventative maintenance that can be done with relative ease. There are other methods of preventative maintenance done by professionals, although this is a simple fix that could pay dividends.

• Enhances air quality – A filter that is clean will ensure that the air that is moved throughout the home will be clean and fresh. This will provide a healthier environment, especially for those who have allergies or any type of respiratory condition.

• Lowers costs – The cost of operating an HVAC system will be reduced because less energy will be used. This could lead to overall energy savings of 10 to 15% on regular cooling bills.

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