Pros And Cons Of Installing A House Humidifier

There are arguments for or against the installation of an HVAC humidifier with a home. For some homeowners, this is definitely the right choice while others can get by without it. Here are the pros and cons of each option.


Keep a stable level of humidity – This may be the most obvious one, but it is also the most important. A humidifier will serve the function of maintaining all the natural moisture within a home. When humidity levels are low, it can impact wood furnishings, paint, wallpaper and more.

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Better energy efficiency – When there is moisture in the air, it holds onto heat at a higher level. This means you can drop your thermostat a few degrees and still achieve the same feel. It means less dollars every month in utility bills.

Higher level of comfort – A house that is inundated with dry air will impact hair and skin as both will become very dry. It can also cause nosebleeds and even static electricity. Lips may also start to chap as the consequences of a dry home show up in a physical manner.

Healthy living – When air is dry, it is more of a breeding ground for viruses, allergies and colds. This can lead to all types of illnesses and respiratory issues.



More maintenance – A house humidifier will require a new filter on a regular basis. That will mean that homeowners will have an added chore to do as neglecting this duty could lead to poor performance and possibly an eventual breakdown. It will also need to be cleaned out regularly and may even require an annual maintenance service by a professional.

More money – There is a cost that comes with installing a house humidifier. The purchase price is just one aspect as there will also be an installation charge. There is a cheaper alternative of going with a portable humidifier as it will save on what you have to spend.

Chance for error – It is important to set the right level of humidity. A failure to do so will have an adverse effect. For example, too high of a humidity level could lead to the growth of mildew and mold. Not knowing exactly what you are doing could be costly in a variety of ways.

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