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A few problems tend to crop up with heat pumps. It might ice over during the dog days of summer or struggle to heat your home on a chilly January night. No need to panic, because Air Necessities Heating and Cooling can be there quickly with a fast fix thanks to our affordable heat pump repair in the Columbia area.

Our talented technicians can troubleshoot a heat pump that doesn’t heat or cool, fails to turn on, or has other problems like strange noises or odors. There’s usually a small heat pump repair we can make, such as cleaning the coil or replacing a motor belt.

Save up to 30% to 40% on your energy bills with a properly maintained heat pump system.

A heat pump is used rather frequently inside a home because it powers both heating and cooling. It is a reliable method of providing your home with warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer months. However, the constant use presents the possibility for an eventual breakdown. When that occurs, Air Necessities can provide a fast and affordable fix.

The warning signs are not so subtle when it comes to a malfunctioning heat pump. There are things to watch out for and even those without any heating and cooling repair experience can identify these warning signs. Here is a look at some of the signals that will let you know that you are in need of heat pump repair:

  • Strange noises – If you hear a type of squealing or screeching coming from your heat pump, then it is usually a sign that the fan belt needs to be replaced. And if there is a hissing sound, then it could be leaking refrigerant.
  • Rise in energy bills – One of the best features of a heat pump lies in its efficiency. When your bills start to increase, something is likely amiss with the heat pump as it could be overworked.
  • Unit will not switch from heating to cooling – This is a sign that the unit has become stuck in a certain mode, whether it is heating or cooling.
  • Poor airflow – This is not necessarily a heat pump issue, but it could be the source of the problem. When airflow is poor, it is a warning sign that something is wrong and repair is needed.

Heat pumps may also stop running when turned on, fail to cool or heat as it should, and they may also improperly cycle. There are myriad of issues that could impact your heat pump and it is imperative to address them before they lead to larger problems. Air Necessities can step in and help with heat pump repair in Columbia, SC.

the benefits of heat pump repair

The benefits of heat pump repair typically apply to units that are less than 12 years of age. After that, it may make more sense to go with replacement. The cost of heat pump installation is not cheap, although repairs could become frequent in older models and energy efficiency will not be as easy to achieve. However, maintaining your heat pump with necessary repairs can ensure a comfortable environment inside your home all year round.

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