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Affordable Heat Pump Services

We offer high-quality and affordable heat pump installation.

Heat pumps can work by themselves or in addition to a furnace or air conditioner (a “hybrid heat pump system”). This gives you the comfort and energy savings of a heat pump for the majority of the year, but your HVAC system will automatically switch over to the furnace or AC when it’s more effective on hot or freezing days.

Air Necessities Heating and Cooling performs all our heat pump replacement and new heat pump installation with licensed, insured technicians. Our heat pump installation usually costs a thousand dollars less than the competition, yet we offer unbeatable quality work!

Signs that you may need to install a new Heat Pump

Heat pump installation is available in new homes as well as an alternative to replacing an older model. This is not a decision that has to be made often as it is an investment that will last for years. There are also a host of waning signs that will let you know that a new heat pump should be installed in your home and they are as follows:

  • Inconsistent supply of heat
  • Increase in energy consumption
  • High utility bills
  • Frequent malfunctions
  • Mounting repair costs
  • Unusual noises
  • Warranty has expired
  • Costly repairs

Benefits of A New Professional Installation

Installing a new heat pump will come with a price, although it is a sound investment that translates into comfortability and peace of mind. It will eliminate the worry of a breakdown that could leave you cold in the winter and overheated in the summer. Here a handful of benefits you can expect when installing a new heat pump.

  • Quieter operation – Installing a new heat pump will lessen the noise level inside a home. Older heat pumps have been known to be noisy at times and expert installation by the technicians at Air Necessities can ensure a much quieter operation.
  • Improved SEER rating – Another plus that comes with new heat pump installation is an improved SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). New models are much improved from the ones that were installed a decade ago. That also means better SEER ratings as this is a way to equate a heat pump’s efficiency. Replacing any older unit is naturally going to improve the SEER rating and save you money every month in energy bills.
  • Cleaner air – A new heat pump will take the air from all the rooms inside your home and then push it through an air filter. This process will get rid of all types of pollutants while also reducing the level of dust.

Ductless Heating Installs

Heat pump systems can improve the quality of your indoor air without having to rely on ductwork. This can actually be considered a healthier option because the air is not required to go through ducts before being released into the home. Those ducts could potentially contain an accumulation of dust, dirt or other contaminants. This method functions by pumping air into various zones through the use of air handles. Homeowners from all walks of life are always looking for a healthier way of leaving and this type of heat pump installation can accommodate that need.

Cooling and heating done right

It should be noted that a heating and cooling system inside a home is responsible for more energy consumption than any other component within a home. That is why heat pump replacement service should always come with a high emphasis placed on energy efficiency. In fact, we always stress to our clients the importance of energy efficiency. It is something that is immediate and also could span many years. Different lifestyles call for different demands when it comes to a home’s heating and cooling. And when a unit is responsible for both of those tasks, it becomes an essentiality. Here is a look at how our service can help you.

  • Straightforward pricing provided upfront – This does not include any hidden fees or unexpected costs that sprout up during the process. We conduct our services with integrity and honesty from start to finish.
  • Customer satisfaction – It is our goal to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with our service. This is the reason we take such a detailed and comprehensive approach.
  • Financing options – Not everyone can come up with all the money to pay for a new unit inside their home. That is why we offer affordable financing options that can fit within all types of budgets.

Quality You Can Count On.

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"Tim was great! I got a call prior to arrival so that I didn’t have to wait around. Tim was able to diagnose the problem quickly and had my unit back on within minutes. I appreciate the quick, excellent service."

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"I can't stress enough how great this company has treated us. I will the office manager is very straight to the point but we like that. They always have shown up on time. We always recommend them."

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"I stopped by one day and they answered all my questions. I had them install two new heat pumps for me and they work 10 times better than my old ones! I would recommend them to anyone. "

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