Furnace Repair

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A properly working furnace is an essential part of any home during the winter months, but there is always the chance for a malfunction. There are a host of warning signs that let you know when it’s time for furnace repair and that is when it’s time to call the professionals at Air Necessities. We have a team of technicians that are highly skilled in repairing all types of furnaces from aa variety of manufacturers. If your furnace is starting to falter, contact one of our customer service associates right away.

Furnace Warning Signs to look out for

It is important to be on the lookout for any kind of changes in your home heating system. And when there is a warning sign identified, it is a good idea to address the problem. Otherwise, it could manifest into a bigger problem and leave you and your family without heat when you need it the most. Here is a look at some common signs that your furnace is in need of repair:

  • Water leak around furnace
  • Strange sounds coming from furnace
  • Poor airflow
  • Spike in monthly heating bills
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • Continual cycling
  • Smell of Gas

Maintenance And Upkeep Services

Age is one of the most common factors that can impact a furnace. When a furnace is more than 12 years old, repairs become more common as parts continue to wear down over the course of time. There are different life expectancies for various furnace makes and models, although there is no denying the impact of age. That is why it is a good idea to have a furnace serviced once a year with preventative maintenance. A furnace that is not regularly maintained is more prone to issues that require repair. For example, a buildup of debris over the course of time can lead to breakdowns that could otherwise be avoided with annual maintenance.

Common types of repair

When a furnace starts to show signs of a problem, it is not necessarily time to panic. It could just require a minor fix and not an entire replacement. However, it is recommended that you call a professional technician to look into the problem. Some of the common repairs that can be fixed that same day include the following:

  • Clogged, dirty or old air filter
  • Issues with fan
  • Bad heat exchanger
  • Problems with pilot light
  • Ball bearings are worn out
  • Thermostat malfunction

Our technicians at Air Necessities can take care of these issues at an affordable cost. There is no need to start looking for a new furnace as we can get your unit working properly. And when we conduct repair, our technicians will also look at the furnace to see if there are any other issues impacting its functionality.

Professional Staff With Quality results

Our service will provide a number of necessary results as it will keep your family both safe and warm. Our technicians are highly skilled in working on models from all the leading manufacturers. Here is a look at the quality results that could be just a phone call away from happening.

  • Eliminate Danger – Fixing any type of issue that has to do with heating your home is a way of heightening the overall safety for everyone inside the home. Gas leaks and carbon monoxide leaks are extremely dangerous and can be avoided with a professional fix.
  • Uphold Manufacturer Warranty – Most units come with a warranty that lasts up to a decade. Repairing a unit properly will produce records that can be then used to show a manufacturer that you completed the required maintenance. A failure to do so could wind up negating a warranty.
  • Energy Bill Savings – The cost of fixing an issue is just a one-time fee, although letting an issue linger will show up in higher costs every month. Our technicians can provide a fix that will have your unit working properly and therefore reduce the amount of money you will have to pay each month in energy bills.

Understanding The Essentials

Many homeowners are unfamiliar with the specifics of furnace repair and that comes from a lack of understanding of precisely how a furnace works. The process works by taking in cold air and then actually cleaning the air through the use of a filter. The air is then heated by a gas burner that relies on something called a heat exchanger. That heated air is then sent throughout your home by way of the ductwork. The warm air is then cooled down inside the home and makes its way back to the furnace by way of the ducts and air grills. This continues the heating loop process.

For this process to be effective every component needs to be in proper working order. If one component starts to falter, it throws off the entire process. And when that happens, contact Air Necessities for the best furnace repair Columbia, SC has to offer.


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