Common Air Conditioner Myths to Stop Believing

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Although air conditioning is not a new concept and has been around for decades, many people still struggle separating certain heating and air conditioning facts from fiction. Over time, some of these AC myths have come to be accepted as common knowledge among many homeowners. That’s why the Air Necessities team is here to set the record straight. Below we will discuss the truth behind some of the most prevalent air conditioning myths we encounter here in the greater Columbia, South Carolina area.

Setting Your Thermostat Lower Cools Your Home Faster

This is perhaps one of the longest lasting air conditioning myths here in the states (especially here in Columbia, SC) – that you can cool your home quicker by dropping your thermostat temperature super low. Unfortunately, this is not the case as your air conditioner can only work at one steady speed to cool down your home. You are better off leaving your thermostat at its desired temperature rather than cranking your thermostat down. You air conditioner, wallet, and home will thank you.

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The Bigger Your AC Unit, the Better

The size of your air conditioning unit absolutely matters. However, just because an AC unit is bigger than yours, does not mean it’s better for your home. It is more important to find an air conditioner that is suitably sized for your home. If your AC unit is too large, it will have to cycle on and off frequently which wastes energy and adds wear and tear to your unit. That is why it’s so important to work with a HVAC professional who knows how to properly size heating and air conditioning equipment to fit your greater Columbia, SC area home.

Close Air Vents in Rooms You Don’t Use

This is one of those AC myths that sounds like it could be true but it can actually cause more harm than good. Many people believe that closing the air vents off in rooms they don’t use will cool the rest of their home more efficiently and cut down their energy usage. In fact, closing off vents in rooms you don’t use in your Columbia, SC home will only cause an imbalance in your cooling system. This imbalance will only cool off your ductwork and force your air conditioner to work harder than usual to try and rebalance the homes cooling. Even if you never enter a certain room in your home, you should always leave the vents open.

Thermostat Placement Doesn’t Matter

Last but certainly not least, your thermostat placement does matter! This might be something you’ve never even considered, but the placement of your thermostat can significantly affect your home energy efficiency and your Columbia, SC home comfort. It should be on an interior wall, kept away from direct sunlight, doorways, skylights windows and frats. There should also be no furniture placed below of directly in front of your thermostat. If you’re in the greater Columbia, SC area and are looking for a HVAC contractor to help you with your heating and air conditioning needs, give Air Necessities a call today!