Air Conditioning Service

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Quality AC Maintenance

Servicing your air conditioner requires a host of tasks that are best left to the professionals. At Air Necessities, we make sure that every part of that process is done with extreme precision. We carefully select our technicians as they have accumulated many years of service experience working on all kinds of makes and models. When you sign up for our AC service, you can expect thorough checks of the following components:

  • Refrigerant Level
  • Thermostat calibration
  • Evaporator fan
  • Disconnect box
  • Wiring
  • Fan relay
  • Breakers
  • Condenser coils
  • Plenum

Our professionals will also inspect other areas of the AC unit. This includes a comprehensive energy audit. We can provide a snapshot of how efficient your unit is and what can be done to correct any of those issues. During this process, we will also tighten any loose connections and also ensure the unit is operating safely. Your home cooling system is too important to leave to chance. Our regular maintenance service can wind up saving homeowners lots of money in the long run and extend the life of your AC unit.

Protecting your investment

Any AC unit of HVAC system is going to be costly to install. That makes it a substantial investment that increases the value of a home. Therefore, it is important to ensure the unit is in the best possible working condition. Regular AC service is a way of maintaining your system. It is a type of tune-up that will continue to keep the unit running properly. This is also important when it comes time to sell a home. Asking prices are often driven up when the AC unit is in top working condition. On the contrary, potential buyers may not be willing to pay asking price if the AC unit is not properly maintained. Investing in AC service is an investment in your home.

Variety of Air Conditioning Services

Depending upon the issue impacting your AC unit, our AC service could include a variety of different solutions. When a minor or fixable problem is detected, we will conduct AC repair to get your unit running properly. But when repair is not an option, we will recommend AC replacement. Regardless of which service your unit requires, we will provide the same diligent and reliable service. We are also upfront about the cost of our service and will not include any hidden fees. It is our goal to provide the best AC service Columbia, SC has to offer.

Customer Benefits

When you choose Air Necessities to conduct service on the AC unit inside your home, there is an immensity of benefits that will come your way. Here is a look at some of those benefits which can

  • Fast and Reliable Repair – We provide quick repair service to all types of AC units. Whether there is a minor or major issue with your AC unit, we can provide a fix.
  • Affordability – Our customers are not going to have to pay top dollar, although they will receive top-quality service.
  • Technical Expertise – Our fully trained and experienced technicians will work to ensure your AC unit is functioning at maximum capacity. This can help energy efficiency and also increase the lifespan of your unit.

A Comprehensive Process

Our service combines a plethora of key tasks as well as a detailed examination of parts that are integral to the functionality of your AC unit. Our service technicians will perform the following during a routine maintenance service:

  • Inspection of system components – This involves an examination and maintenance service of the condensate drain, coils and blower. This will also include a check of the electrical system in addition to lubricating the system.
  • Check refrigerant levels – This is an important facet of the service process and our technicians are all certified to conduct this task.
  • Check system diagnostics – It is important to know every single part of your AC unit is working properly and a diagnostics check will cover that completely. It will also account for a check of your thermostat.
  • Examine ductwork – A leak in the ductwork could lead to a host of issues and this is something we tend to in great detail. This will also keep cool air from escape and improve energy efficiency, which will surface in the decrease of your monthly energy bills.

Quick Response From a 5-Star AC Contractor

Need a reliable Overland Park air conditioning repair expert? Call today (803) 784-8514 for immediate service. Quality solutions and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Is your air conditioner making strange noises, smell like mildew, leaking water, or worse, won’t turn on? Call Air Necessities! More than 30 years working as the most affordable, best AC repair contractors in the area. With Air Necessities, you can say goodbye to asking Alexa, “air conditioning repair near me” and skip the wait–we’re ready and waiting for your call!

Conveniently located in Columbia, Air Necessities Heating & Cooling is dedicated to becoming your go-to air conditioning repair contractor. We promise to deliver:

  • First-class customer service
  • Licensed, insured, and background checked AC repair technicians
  • Fast response times
  • Fair, honest, and affordable pricing

We provide precision tune-ups that keep your cooling costs at a reasonable rate. The tune-up includes checking your system’s refrigerant level as well as cleaning the outdoor condenser coil, blower components, and the air filters. We will also check all electrical connections, monitor the air conditioning cycle, and more! Whatever your system needs to continue working its best, we have the team to help you.


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