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Professional Air Conditioning repair Service

There are a lot of complexities when it comes to air conditioning repair and the team of professionals at Air Necessities understands all those nuances. The AC system is intended to account for every area inside of a home. One of the most obvious signs that AC repair is needed occurs when there are hot or cool spots in a room. This can make for an uncomfortable environment and calls for the assistance of a professional. When you enlist Air Necessities to conduct your AC repair in Columbia, SC, you can expect the following:

  • Fully licensed and experienced staff
  • Emphasis on making your AC unit energy efficient
  • Upfront cost estimates with no hidden fees
  • Detailed explanation of the issue and suggested repairs
  • Punctuality and friendly customer service

Air Conditioning Solutions For Your Home or Business

Air conditioning repair is not something homeowners are expected to undertake themselves. It can be extremely frustrating to have your system running, but without cool air coming from your vents. Getting it right could come with simply unclogging a vent, but many times, the issues are more complex. Preventative maintenance can eliminate some of these problems as a buildup of dirt and debris can block drain lines while frozen coils can also block airflow. Sometimes, components just break down and need to be replaced. Instead of trying to navigate through these issues, it is best to call on one of our professional technicians to provide the right solution for you.

Importance of immediate service

If something is amiss, do not wait for a minor issue to turn into a major one. Repairing something minor could allow your AC unit to last much longer and stop the need for replacement, which can be rather costly. If you suspect there is an issue, contact the professionals at Air Necessities and we will send a technician out to diagnose the problem. Homeowners invest lots of money in AC units and HVAC systems and that makes it imperative to stay on top of their maintenance and upkeep.

It is not uncommon for people to put off AC repair because of the fear of high cost. However, the cost of repair is significantly less than the cost of replacement. Our technicians will do their very best to try to salvage even the oldest AC units with some form of repair. It is our goal to have our customers get as much life as possible from their air conditioning system.

Central Air

This is one of the most common types of AC systems inside a home. This type of repair must also account for ductwork as it is a main component of the central air system. When functioning at their maximum capability, central AC units are extremely effective and have the ability to cool an entire home. There are also tips that homeowners can use to extend the life of their unit and we gladly share those tips when conducting repair service to your AC unit.

Heat Pump

This is another popular method of cooling a home and one that also relies on ductwork. Heat pumps can falter at any time of the year as they are also used as a means of heating a home in the winter. Our technicians are skilled in servicing heat pumps made by all the leading manufacturers.

Ductless Units

While these may not be as common as other types of AC units, there are still a fair number of homes that rely on ductless air conditioning units. These are also referred to as mini split systems and provide a wealth of cool air in select rooms. These are widely found in older homes and when they start to malfunction, a quick repair could get everything running right again.

The right solution for your system

There are many different components that could impact your AC unit’s capability of providing indoor comfort.

  • Frozen Coils – This could manifest in a variety of ways and is denoted by ice on your coils. There are other signs that this is an issue, mainly that of poor airflow.
  • Refrigerant is low – Over the course of time, the refrigerant is going to lessen in your AC unit. However, it is not something you can just pick up in a store as it is handled by certified professionals.
  • Poor Wiring – This is an electrical issue that could be a potential fire hazard. When there are sporadic problems with your AC unit, it could be caused by a wiring problem. This is a big risk and should be attended to by a professional right away.

Signs You Need an Air Conditioning Repair

If you experience any of the following symptoms from your central air conditioner, you may need air conditioning repair sooner than you think. Some critical issues to keep a watchful eye out for include:

  • Inconsistent cooling: This can stem from several issues, including poor home insulation, low refrigerant levels, a faulty thermostat, dirty air filter, or sensor problems. We will diagnose the problem and carry out the best solution.
  • System fails to work: If your air conditioner does not turn on at all, there is likely an electrical issue—either in the home’s system or in your AC’s electrical control. The compressor or fan controls may also need to be repaired, or the thermostat needs to be inspected.
  • Limited airflow: This is caused by low refrigerant levels or leaking refrigerant. You may also experience limited airflow due to clogged air filters or poorly maintained ductwork.
  • Warm air: If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, you may have insufficient refrigerant or a clogged air filter.
  • Intermittent cycles: If your air conditioning system turns on and off frequently, resulting in a full-cycle lasting less than a minute, you need a professional AC repair contractor to diagnose. Causes can be something simple such as a faulty thermostat to loose electrical connections inside the condenser unit.

If you notice these or other problems (including higher energy bills and unusual sounds coming from your system), contact us for immediate air conditioner repair. It may be difficult to determine if your air conditioner just needs to fill up on refrigerant, or it it’s being overworked. We will diagnose the issue and carry out the best course of action.


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