Home Power Generators

A day without power is one too many

Ever wonder how your neighbor's home stays powered up during power outages? Their lights, furnace, refrigerator, and sump pump all continue to run smoothly. That's because before the outage, they had a state-of-the-art KOHLER® home generator installed. Within ten seconds of a power outage, power is transferred from the utility grid to the standby generator, and their lives go on as if nothing had happened. You, too, can face utility power outages head-on. KOHLER home generators engage quickly, automatically and dependably. So don't wait – be ready with residential backup power so your family can enjoy life without interruption.

The KOHLER Difference

  • Award-winning performance and reliability
  • Clean power for sensitive electronics
  • Restores power within seconds of an outage
  • Exclusive PowerBoost™ technology for powerful performance
  • Corrosion-proof enclosure (14 and 20 kW models)
  • Superior 5-year limited warranty